Hand Dryer
Hand dryer is a must to let the guests and customers visiting the showroom or mall washrooms dry their hands after wash. It is an imperative part of a toilet and must be installed of a renowned brand to ensure its lasting service.
Shoe Shining Machine
Shoe shining machine is a fully automatic machine that makes use of sensor technology. It efficiently cleans shoes in a matter of few seconds. Get a shoe shining machine to get your shoe cleaned on daily basis.
Air Freshener Dispenser
Every household requires our Air freshener dispenser collection to spread pleasant scent all over the house. Then, what are you waiting for? Come and explore our this range at best price.
Sensor Taps
The world of bathroom accessories is evolving at a fast pace, thanks to the creative ideas instilled in the designs. Such an innovation is sensor taps that dispense water as soon as someone place hands under it.
Urinal Screen
We are presenting an instrumental range of urinal screen that is available in both spiced apple and lemon shaped. The provided screens deliver pleasant aroma to the whole bathroom so that the customers can do their business in the most comfort manner.
Dustbins are a need of an hour for any facility or public place. These are necessarily to be kept at an interval of distances to let people dump the trash in dustbins, rather in open. Get these at reasonable prices from us.
Jumbo Roll Dispensers
Jumbo roll dispenser are designed for storing rolled toilet tissue and let people dispense the tissues. It can be installed besides soap dispenser and towel dispenser to give a coordinated look.
Fly Catcher & Insect Killer
Mosquitoes and other insects cause insect-borne diseases. In order to keep these insects at bay or kill them if they are in your premise, then use fly catcher & insect killer. These are efficient systems for eradicating flies and other inspects from the premise.
PVC Curtain
The given PVC curtain range deliver the convenience in keeping multiple areas and items at one place such as forklifts or different vehicles. By installing this range, the customers don’t require to open or close any gate.
Tissue  Paper  Dispensers
Dispenser is a great innovation in the field of bathroom accessories. The system whether installed in a home or office, dispenses toilet tissue paper stored in it. One just has to fill it with tissue paper now and then.
Wet Tissue
Wet tissues are needed to wipe away dust and germs. A wet towel dispenser can be used for fetching fresh and disinfected wet towel. Not only it is a utilitarian system, but aesthetically suitable too.